“Ambition is not a dirty word.

It’s just believing in yourself,

in your abilities.” — Reese Witherspoon “Woman of the Year” speech

Today has been one of those days that the world seems to be aligned with what you’re going through and “randomly” provides you with the wisdom you need for that exact moment.

Lately I’ve been having long discussions with friends about the “costs” of living abroad and how that ends up affecting you. It’s been almost 4 years since I left Spain and it has indeed not been easy. Readjusting my life every other month, making new friends…

Welcome everyone!

The promotion of infrastructure is normally the first thing on the “to-do” list of every developing country. Increase in the infrastructure investment generates a significant increase in the GDP expansion of the countries and it creates an enormous amounts of jobs, which helps the further development of other markets in the country.

So why are developing countries not putting everything on infrastructure development? Well, they are, but they have a lot of limitations, the main one, funding. Government are unable to put on their back all the money necessary to fully develop their infrastructure.

So what is the…

Investment rounds are an essential part of the entrepreneurial journey. It is a long process that will take a lot of time off from the founders and that will take away time from them doing what they do best: building the company.

Let’s talk about the different investment rounds stages that a company can be in and when do they normally happen. I’ve structured this post so you can decide who much do you want to read (let me know if you like it):

Names of investment rounds


So what is an I nvestment Round? It is a form of financing that start ups use to get the money to run the company in which you get MONEY in exchange for EQUITY.

There is a whole way of naming each round depending on the moment in which the company is when…

The LLM is not only a time to learn about law. It is also a time to make friends and connections that will last forever.

About 3 months before flying from Spain to the Washington DC to attend Georgetown Law LLM, I talked to a colleague at the firm that had done the same some years before me.

He told me the following: “the first few days everyone is going to be a little bit confused. Use that confusion to become the leader of the class so everyone knows who you are. So first day, scream ‘who wants to grab a beer’ and everyone will follow.”

So I did. And it was amazing.

Not only I got to break the ice, helping everyone (including me!)…

In a world where all that matters is the money you can bring to the table, improving your business development skills is key to success.

This article by Michael McDonald in Above The Law talks about it and raises some very interesting points. It is true, as they say, that advertising in the legal industry has an unprecedented stigma. Firms have tried to get around this issue by finding other ways to promote their image other than direct advertising: mainly sponsoring events, but also creating some events of their own to consolidate relationships.

The author of the article points out 4 steps that attorneys should consider to improve your BD skills:

  1. Looking at options to reach customers through advertising;
  2. Analyzing the data on the return…

Law firms starting their own incubator programs could be a game changer in the startup industry.

It all started with this major announcement: Allen & Overy, one of the best known UK firms, is launching a “technology innovation space” in its London office named “Fuse”. While it is surprising to me, I find it one of the best moves that a law firm can do right now.

Legal services are one of the last things startups think about when starting the new company, normally because of the “high” cost that it implies (although being cheap is expensive with lawyers…).

That is why creating an incubator is a game changer. Here is why:

  1. By choosing a law…

Start ups should ask their lawyers to leverage their network to find better funding opportunities, better partners and potential new clients.

Starting up a company is hard. No one denies that. I wrote a post back in November on the importance of involving a lawyer in the early stages of the company in order to have the proper corporate and tax structure, have your IP protected and with all the necessary authorizations, contracts and permits in place for the operation of the business.

But lawyers, specially big firms, can do much more.

In an era in which fees arrangements are changing for everyone, law firms should try to be innovative about other revenue sources they should explore and use their knowledge…

The moment you receive the list of courses that are available to you for your LLM is intimidating, but you must never forger why you are there.

Yes, course selection is a very important part of the LLM as it will define what are you going to learn. Everyone is tempted to chooses all the courses that sound great and that will make him look for eligible for a future job. But that may not be the best option for you.

First, you need to know why are you doing the LLM. Is it because you feel you need more education to start your career? Is it because you want to qualify and sit for a US bar? Are you taking a year “off? Do you need…

Every lawyer should decide which day of the week, or at least what time of the week, is going to devote to personal time. Every week. All the time. This personal time gives you some space to look back and think if you’re managing your time as you should.

Nick Pavlidis makes a 3 “must-be-yes” question test:

What do you want for your personal life?

What type of law excites you?

What type of clients excite you?

These are very straight forward questions to answer and if whatever you are doing or are about to do is not aligned with…

At the end of the day, cash is what will keep a start-up moving forward, but is it the most important thing to create value?

I have been fortunate enough to talk about start-ups with a fair amount of people so far in my career. Most of the people agree on most of the steps to grow a company: escalate, hire wisely, look for the right partners, etc., but the thing that I can’t get people to agree on is “monetization”.

I have had long discussions about this with my cousin, the CEO and founder of Wave Application, probably the best peer-to-peer private location app in the market, and I recently read an (in Spanish) to Carlos Guerrero my partner in both Sitka Capital and…

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